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Street Combatives

   Specialists in Close Quarter    and Knife Combatives

Today’s streets are extremely violent, especially in our cities.  Real fights are

not glamorous like the ones reflected in movies or demonstrated in so many

of  Martial Art gyms.  You must be able to fight back immediately with

enough force and effectiveness to stop the attack or you could be killed. 

We are not a Martial Arts,

Mixed Martial Arts or a Jiu Jitsu gym.

We do not prepare you for the ring or for a new belt.


We have engineered a Close Quarter Combative system which we refer to as; 

Street Combatives.  This is a well faceted combative system which integrates

Empty Hands, Knifes, Sticks, Firearms, Improvised Weapons as well as a

combat mindset.  We teach skills that have been learned from over 25 years

of Kali Silat, Aikido, Escrima, Grappling, Koei Kan Karate, Kick boxing and

Kyusho Jitsu.

The system we designed emphasizes a warrior mindset as well as a simple

ideology;  ‘ATTACK YOUR ATTACKER !’    Basically, you must immediately

and vigorously, without prejudice, remorse or hesitation, attack your

attacker targeting their vital organs; their nervous system and their physical

structure (bones, muscles, etc) until your attacker no longer has the ability

nor the will to keep attacking you.

Our training focuses on getting in, gouging eyes,

ripping skin, breaking joints, smashing groins

and what ever else it takes to stop the attack. 

Much of our training is scenario based so students must assess the situation

and act.  Students learn from the start that: they must immediately act

against spontaneous attacks; be ready for anything; bad guys are never

alone and that criminals do not fight with rules, with respect or with honor.  

Our training is hard, intense and not for everyone.  Our training is similar

to military type training if not harder.  We train in the dark, with strobe

lights flashing, loud music playing, on the ground, with restrictions

(simulated cut hands, broken arms, hurt legs, etc.), against multiple

attackers, in extreme close quarters and under duress.  We train students

outside of their comfort zone so if ever attacked, they will be ready.

When you are attacked,

you can not let fear nor emotions control you. 

You must overwhelm your attacker and

destroy their will to fight !  

You must have a warrior mindset and

confidence in your abilities to keep

fighting and never quit.  To help students

with aggressiveness and not to fear being

hit a real fight, we are a contact gym.  We

do spar and grapple regularly.  We do

throw each other and we do train with

Marine Corps style Pugil sticks. 

We teach the principles and the mechanics that make the techniques work. 

We teach to control a situation first if possible, but should events escalate

and a higher level of force is warranted, we teach how to immediately

destroy the attacker and assess the area for other attackers as the initial

attacker may not be alone.

   We do not teach techniques that require fine

   integrate movements in order for them to be

   effective in stopping an attacker.  Most of our

   techniques rely only on gross motor skills,

   are simple to learn,  easy to apply under

   pressure and are very effective.   Instead of’

   teaching 1000’s of techniques, we focus

   mostly on about 20 that can be used during

   multiple situations.

We attempt to ingrain the fact that fights are unpredictable, chaotic and

that flashy /pretty techniques go out the window real fast under the realities

of an attack, but knowing the principles and the mechanics as well as having

the the will power to keep fighting will help you win and go home.

We are a small private school for serious students.

We train hard because our lives and the lives

of those we love depend on it.

We train hard so we can

win and go home !

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